Xax Chung was a male hengeyokai (hare) bushi and the defender of the city of Koje in Koryo in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Xax was found wounded in the form of a hare by a wandering shukenja. However, after healing him, the shukenja placed a geas on Xax, commanding that he must look after and protect the people of the city of Koje until Jisziat's tower, a prominent local landmark, was "cast to the ground". Xax could not be free until this was done.[1]

In this duty, Xax saved Koje from the threat of giant dragon turtle and slew the tengu Kwi'asp. For his efforts, he was feted as the "hero of Koje". He also "tamed" the witch Zartalla, whom he later married.[1]

By 1357 DR, Xax and Zartalla had settled at a ranch and raised a family, but his geas remained unfulfilled.[1]


In the fulfilment of his geas, Xax had to maintain the pretense of being a human to the people of Koje, though would prefer to get away into the woods to be with other hare hengeyokai. He never ate meat, a habit that was noticed but not questioned.[1]


In human form, Xax was of medium build and had wide brown eyes as befitted a hare. He typically wore around his neck a brass chain bearing the symbol of the god of the warren, but its meaning was unknown or obscure to those who saw it.[1]


Xax had reflexes that were lighting fast, lending him great skill at arms.[1]


Xax was married to Zartalla, and they had children.[1]


Xax dwelled at a large cattle ranch about 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Koje, together with his family and servants.[1]



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