Xehil Yldin was a lich inhabiting the Battle of Bones in 1367 DR.[1]


Xehil possessed an uncanny ability to work with others to further his own goals. He was known to associate with drow and the Zhentarim on occasion.[1]


A wide array of magical spells was at Xehil's disposal.[1]


Xehil carried a ring of spell storing (containting teleport without error, delayed blast fireball, and hold monster), wand of enfeeblement, cloak of the manta ray, and a dagger covered with drow poison.[1]


Xehil was rumored to collect many of the wandering undead of the Battle of Bones and to add them to his personal army.[1]


At one point, Xehil worked with the drow occupying the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in Shadowdale. He disappeared from those lands long before the rise of the Lords of Shadowdale.[1]



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