Xehil Yldin was a lich inhabiting the Battle of Bones in 1367 DR.[1]

Personality Edit

Xehil possessed an uncanny ability to work with others to further his own goals. He was known to associate with drow and the Zhentarim on occasion.[1]

Abilities Edit

A wide array of magical spells was at Xehil's disposal.[1]

Possessions Edit

Xehil carried a ring of spell storing (containting teleport without error, delayed blast fireball, and hold monster), wand of enfeeblement, cloak of the manta ray, and a dagger covered with drow poison.[1]

Activities Edit

Xehil was rumored to collect many of the wandering undead of the Battle of Bones and to add them to his personal army.[1]

History Edit

At one point, Xehil worked with the drow occupying the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in Shadowdale. He disappeared from those lands long before the rise of the Lords of Shadowdale.[1]

Appendix Edit

References Edit

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