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Xephras (pronounced ZEF-frus) was the stormazîn of the Jotunbrud in 1366 DR.[1][note 1]


Xephras was a short cloud giant. He was several hundred years old and had a stooped figure with long white hair and a beard.[1]


Xephras firmly disbelieved in the Twilight Spirit as a representative of the will of Annam, although he did not offer any alternatives to the Spirit's identity.[1]


As the Great Priest of Annam All-Father, Xephras was the highest religious figure in giant society. In his old age, because of his sickly physical condition, he was unable to attend as many rituals and ceremonies as he would have liked in order to fulfill his duties as stormazîn. He would step down when he had found a successor.[1]

Xephras resided with two stone giant disciples with the grand temple of Annam within the Ice Spires.[1]



  1. The year is deduced from the "Presenting . . . Seven Millennia of Realms Fiction" article from Wizards of the Coast and the fact that Giantcraft describes its setting as taking place immediately before the events of the The Twilight Giants trilogy.


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