Xinaya was a drow scout of Velkynvelve during the Rage of Demons.[as of when?][1]


Xinaya was a young scout and acolyte of Lolth in Velkynvelve. During the Rage of Demons, she was leading a patrol when an adventuring party escaped from the drow outpost. She was telepathically contacted by her superiors near Neverlight Grove and ordered to search and see if the escaping group was inside the Grove. However, meeting the myconids there, Xinaya accepted the hospitality of Phylo, who gave her and her minions to Yestabrod to be food and sacrifices to Zuggtmoy. At last, the adventuring party she was ordered to search found Xinaya just before her death, and she asked them to warn Menzoberranzan of the danger of Zuggtmoy.[1]




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