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Xorvintaal, sometimes referred to as The Great Game or just The Game, is a game dragons used in ancient times as a proxy for open warfare. Points scored in the game were used to determine the pecking order of dragons. The ultimate goal of the game is to bring about a new Age of Dragons.[1]

Dragons usually manipulate lesser beings when playing Xorvintaal. A dragon's head servant is known as his lovac and his other servants are known as dokaal which is also the generic draconic word for humanoids.[2]

The vampiric drake Brimstone rediscovered the game's rules in the ruins where Sammaster was killed. He brought them to Dracowyr in Murghôm and convinced a great many chromatic dragons and some gem and metallic dragons to participate. Brimstone set himself up as the referee and scorekeeper.[1]

Dragons who play Xorvintaal are enspelled which, in the case of gem or metallic wyrms, may cause them to undertake actions contrary to their nature. There are hundreds of precepts in the game[3] and even Tchazzar admitted he didn't fully understand all the rules. Points are scored based on conquest or by killing opponents although players may also score points by subterfuge.[1]

After the Battle of Luthcheq, Tchazzar's death and Alasklerbanbastos' destruction, the leaders of the Brotherhood of the Griffon as well as several dragons and dragonborn knights traveled to Dracowyr to confront Brimstone. They forced him to cancel the magic that bound wyrms to the game. Brimstone claimed that the game was just a ruse to allow him to eliminate the most powerful dragons around the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1]


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