Y'chak, also called The Violet Flame, was an Elder Evil. Alone among them, it was actively interested in the development of life, or rather, in the development of the destruction of life.[1]


It operated as an inspiration, even a muse, for means of destruction and ruin. In the beliefs of aboleths, the gods of cruelty, conflict, and death, arose from Y'chak's subtle influence. Y'chak encouraged the worship of such evil deities.[1]


When it wished to contact someone, Y'chak appeared as a member of the same race of respectable or seductive aspect. However, its true form was reputed to be a pillar of brilliant, violet-hued flames, concealing a core that was too horrifying to see lest the viewer be completely destroyed in mind, body, and soul.[1]


To honor Y'chak, the aboleths built massive pillars of violet flame in their cities. These burned underwater and their writhing and pulsing motions could be used to mark the passage of time or send crude messages across the city.[1]


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