Yaemon was a monk of Bishamon at the Shining Temple of Bishamon in the town of Aru in Wa.[2]


Yaemon was a good man but too often jumped too quickly to conclusions and reacted violently. If people explained to him his errors, however, he soon asked forgiveness.[1]


Around 1358 DR, Yaemon arrived in town to attend the Ceremony of the Three Thousand Steps. Hearing about menaces to the pilgrims, he decided to become their defender.[1]

Yaemon argued with Buntaro Ostato, who was working with an adventuring party hired by the daimyo Benju Matsumoto, about the deaths of some pilgrims.[2]

Later, he saw some pilgrims killed by some people resembling the adventuring party. Yaemon soon after attacked the real adventuring party in order to avenge the deaths of the pilgrims. Somehow, the adventurers managed to stop him and convinced him of their innocence.[2]



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