Yaga-Shura was a fire giant Bhaalspawn and one of the Five. He commanded an army of fire giants and humans in an attempt to destroy other Bhaalspawn, advancing greatly in that objective when he laid siege to and finally sacked Saradush. He had acquired invulnerability to all attacks by having his heart removed and keeping it burning with magical fire. Nevertheless, he was the second one of the Five to be killed, right after his destroying Saradush.

Yaga-Shura was raised by a human witch called Nyalee, who also helped him achieve invulnerability by setting the fire to his heart. He did not ultimately show much gratitude, taking her magically removed heart with him as well to keep her from being able to undo the magic. Subsequently he took control of at least some of the fire giants in the Marching Mountains, recruiting many in his army and leaving others to guard the temple that housed his heart.

Near the beginning of Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, the player character arrives in Saradush. The city is under siege by Yaga-Shura's forces and constant random bombing by catapults. The player will soon need to travel to the Marching Mountains to undo the giant's invulnerability, though they also need to visit Nyalee in the Forest of Mir. Once given back her own heart, she will be able to quench Yaga-Shura's, making him lose his invulnerability. After that, the player will need to travel to Saradush, which they will find breached and destroyed. Yaga-Shura and his whole army wait outside, and the player will need to kill the Bhaalspawn himself before being overwhelmed.

Yaga-Shura carries Shuruppak's Plate, a powerful set of armour that must have magically refitted itself even to giant size (as neither Shuruppak nor the player character and NPCs who can subsequently use the armour are anything like the same size), as well as two enchanted hammers, one of which is especially potent.



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