Yagoth was an ogre chieftain of Thar during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


Yagoth was both chieftain of his tribe and a shaman of the god Vaprak.

In 1373 DR, Yagoth's tribe was attacked by a blue dragon maddened by the Rage but thanks to the timely help of the dragonslayers Will Turnstone and Pavel Shemov, they killed the mad dragon. Will and Pavel were in Thar searching for old ruins containing lore about the Dracorage and Yagoth offered his tribe's help. However, once they discovered the ruins, Yagoth betrayed the two dragonslayers, hoping to use the lore for his god's glory. Will managed to escape but Pavel was captured. Later, Will directed four enraged green dragons against the ogres and in the chaos managed to free Pavel. Yagoth tried to subdue the two men but was instead killed.[1]




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