Yandrin Thorl was a wizard in High Dale in 1370 DR.[1]


One time as a demonstration, Yandrin unleashed a meteor swarm over a pirate isle in the Sea of Fallen Stars, totally destroying it.[1]


Yandrin protected the peace of his dale against all invaders, from Archendale, Sembia, and Cormyr. Yandrin resided in a tower near Highmoon. Visitors needed to deal with a kind of unseen servant that asked them to write their request on a book and leave; if Yandrin was interested, in three days he would contact them. If someone tried to sneak inside, they usually found themself teleported naked into the Thunder Peaks.[1]


Once a year every year on the same date Yandrin played talis card games with Elminster Aumar.[1]



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