Yarbro was a male human soldier living in Shadowdale during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR.[1][2]


He was guarding the gates of the city when the company of Midnight and Kelemvor Lyonsbane arrived before Bane's assault. He had a great antipathy for the four adventurers.[1]

He survived the Battle of Shadowdale.[2]

When Midnight and Adon, accused of killing Elminster Aumar, escaped with the aid of Cyric, the Lord of Shadowdale chose Yarbro and Kelemvor to lead an expedition to recapture them. The company managed to recapture the fugitives but at that point Kelemvor fell victim to his curse and killed most of the men.[2]

Yarbro escaped with some other men and found Cyric. Yarbro's bad mood convinced Cyric of his decision, and he manipulated the Dalesmen into believing that he was only a victim of Adon and Midnight.[2]

Later, the Company of the Scorpions met and killed most of the surviving Dalesmen. Only Yarbro and Cyric remained; Cyric revealed his evil deeds and killed Yarbro in cold blood.[2]


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