Yarrat was a small dwarven village within the High Desert of Zakhara.[1]


Yarrat was located near the southern tip of the Genies' Anvil. The dwarves dug pits into the sand that were shaded by ironwood trees. Each family had their own pit.[1]


Yarrat was populated by hearty dwarves whose ability to survive and find water was legendary. It was rumored that they had over a hundred secret water caches scattered throughout the Genies' Anvil. Other desert tribes would often hire the dwarves as guides in their travels.[1]

The females practiced sahar, a special form of magic that used colored stones taken from the Genie's Anvil. Each stone needed to have a smooth side and a rough side to be suitable. The stone's color symbolized different aspects: black for land, blue for sea, white for woman, red for man, brown for camel. The evil eye could be cast by crushing a white or red stone while saying a person' name. Many other effects could be produced by combining different stones and uttering appropriate phrases. Casting the stone like dice allowed the practitioner to read the future. These predictions could be extremely accurate depending on the skill of the user.[1]



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