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Geographical information
Type Small city
Area Savage Frontier, Northwest Faerûn
Societal information
Religion Tymora
Population 6000 in 1366 DR
Political information
Government Baronry
Ruler Belleethe Kheldorna in 1366 DR
Alahar Khaumfros in 1361 DR

Inhabitants of Yartar
Locations in Yartar
Organizations in Yartar

Yartar was a fortified city standing on the east bank of the River Dessarin. It was connected by a fortified bridge to a citadel on the west bank where the Evermoor Way (linking Triboar and Silverymoon crossed the Dessarin. It was a crossroads trading town, so it was always bustling with caravans entering and leaving its walls.[1][2]


In 1361 DR, Baron Alahar Khaumfros attempted to further a plot to provoke the Lords' Alliance (particularly Waterdeep) to war against Ruathym on behalf of the Kraken Society and Luskan.[2] He was foiled in his attempt when Liriel Baenre, Fyodor, and Caladorn Cassalanter discovered the plot.[3]


The ruler of Yartar, the Waterbaron, was elected for life. The Waterbaron in 1366 DR was Belleethe Kheldorna.[4] This position was previously held by Alahar Khaumfros, who had inherited the position from his father and who was later revealed to be the leader of the Kraken Society.[5] Khaufros employed the doppelganger Semmonemily to do his dirty work and had an elderly steward was named Cladence.[2]


Yartar was a member of the Lords' Alliance.[2]

Places of InterestEdit

The central market
An open area marketplace filled with many stalls selling all sorts of goods, including crystal perfume bottles from Calimshan, magical potions, and spellcasting components of great rarity and power. Known locally as the Fishyard, this mazelike market always has fish caught from the Three Rivers on sale and even in the depths of winter, ice fishermen bring their wares to the stalls.[6]
Beldabar's Rest
Probably the most unusual human-built in the North. It's located underground, beneath Yartar's central market.[7]
Dannath's Pickles, Nuts, & Foods
A high-priced but very well-stocked food shop.[8]
Happy Hall of Fortuitous Happenings
The local temple of Tymora.[7]
The Shield Tower
The tower is home to the 150 mounted guards of Yartar.[1]
Winter Winds
A expensive, but excellent quality, clothing store.



Computer gamesEdit

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Gateway to the Savage Frontier [1]


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