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Yasmi al-Datma was one of many wives of the Grand Caliph Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir in Huzuz.[1]


Yasmi was a slim, elven woman with wide, sky blue eyes.[1]


Yasmi was quiet but intelligent.[1]


She possessed skills in sorcery and had the ability to play the dulcimer.[1]


When Khalil was occupied at night with his other wives, Yasmi and Tanya would often escape the palace by using Tanya's teleport spell.[1]


Yasmi was married to the Grand Caliph in 1362 DR. Yasmi was quickly befriended by Tanya bint Perijan who realized the importance of having a sorcerer in the harem.[1]


Before she married the Grand Caliph, Yasmi was a respected member of the Grand Vizier's palace security force.[1]



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