Yasmin was the name of a human hakima in Zakhara, the Land of Fate. She was stolen away by the Sheikh of the Great Ghuls, Sahin Sira, to be his wife. She hated Sahin and the duties she was expected to perform, so he crafted an artifact of great power that gave her extraordinary abilities of vision, divination, and detection in the hope that she would see the grandeur of his mountains and his desert domain and fall in love.[1]

The All-Knowing Eye of Yasmin Sira did not change her feelings toward her husband and, legends among the jann and the Al-Badia say, she corrupted the purpose of the artifact by binding the spirits of ghuls as they died and infusing the Eye with power to hide herself from Sahin's perception. She succeeded in veiling herself, becoming invisible to him, but the true sight ability of the Eye no longer showed her what was true, only what she wished to be true.[1]


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