Yastera "Blackhands" Menano was a Proven Thief of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm in 1370 DR with a unique power.[1]


Yastera was slender and fairly short, with wispy red hair and freckles on her nose.[1]


Yastera was happy that she got special attention from the guild for her unique ability. The praise and consideration she received kept her loyal to the Shadowmasters.[1]


Like many of the members of the Shadowmasters, she underwent the Ritual of Shadow Walking and gained the ability to shadow walk at the cost of some of her overall health and a slight reduction in the sharpness of her skills. Strangely, Yastera acquired the ability to carry one other person while shadow walking, making her extremely valuable for kidnapping operations where the target was difficult to reach or heavily guarded. When she used this ability, her hands gave off an unusual nimbus of black radiance, and this earned her the nickname, "Blackhands".[1]


The guild gave her a cloak of elvenkind to aid her in her missions.[1]



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