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Yathchol Webrider
A Yathchol Webrider
Yathchol Webrider

The Underdark

Used by

Rogue, Bard, and Monk Spiderkin or Spellcasters with web spell

Game edition

Ud 3.5

Source: Underdark (p.46)

A Yathchol Webrider is a prestige class of the Underdark. Yathchol Webriders are generally members of the Chitine race of spiderkin, though anyone who possesses the capacity to create a web through natural or magical means may possibly elect to become a Webrider. A stealthy disposition means that rogues are a natural fit for this class.

Yathchol Webriders believe in a mystical construct called the "Overweb", a web that connects all of the Underdark together and allows those who possess the knowledge to travel along it. Because of this knowledge, Yathchol Webriders are capable of moving at great speeds, ignoring barriers of rock that would force others to make detours.

Yathchol Webriders are a very close community and generally very tightly integrated into Chitine society, though non-Chitines may create their own communities or even walk the infinite paths of the Overweb alone. Their dispositions and alignments vary just like most other groups, although communities of Yathchol Webriders typically share the same views.

Abilities Edit

Web Hide
A Yathchol Webrider is skilled at using webs to hide from the attentions of others.
Web Ride
A Yathchol Webrider can instantly travel between separate webs. As the Yathchol Webrider becomes more experienced, the distance traveled can become considerably longer.

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