Yather Indaglol was the proprietor of the Helm at Highsun in Red Larch.[1]


Yather Indaglol was a reclusive mage who stays in a locked, warded room in the back of his tavern.[1]


Yather was once an adventurer, and made visits to other planes.[2]


He ran the Helm with the aid of his helmed horror named Araldyk, wizard eye spells, speaking tubes, and a staff of a dozen workers.

Yather was trying to perfect a mobile, invisible wardmist spell that was centered on himself at all times. He wanted the spell to never fail and constantly sustain him so he didn't have to eat, sleep, age, or die. He only managed to create a semi-permanent, mobile magical field around himself that duplicated the effects of a light spell at will. It also allowed Yather to regenerate a small amount of health. Strangely, this spell was fed by the soul of an older wizard that existed as a floating, undead skull that could not be turned. The skull could not harm anyone except by talking ceaselessly—which it did to Yather—constantly distracting him from his research.[2]


Yather was very rich. He had investments in Waterdeep and various trading companies throughout the Heartlands. Much of his wealth was rumored to be hidden in Red Larch near the Helm.[2]

Yather had a pseudodragon familiar.[2]


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