Mistresses of undead, the yathrinshee used arcane magic along with their clerical powers to further the aims of Kiaransalee.[1]


Yathrinshees were leaders among the church of Kiaransalee and were often the instigators of many of the church's plots.[1] Considered the elite of the worshipers of Kiaransalee, only drow females were generally admitted into their ranks. Besides a good degree of skill in both arcane and divine magic necromantic magic, other vile acts were required for those wishing to join. Most notably was that each yathrinshee must have engaged in perverted sexual acts with some form of undead.[1][3]


As yathrinshees became more experienced, they developed their arcane and divine powers simultaneously, as well as gaining mastery over necromantic magic.[1][2]

Curse of the Revenancer
When a yathrinshee reached a certain degree of mastery they could cause any creature they had slain to rise immediately as a zombie. This zombie was under their complete control.[4]
Death ward
Some yathrinshee were permanently warded against most forms of death magic and negative energy, allowing them to operate easily in areas unsuited to the living.[2] Even undead yathrinshee gained increased resistance to the powers of positive energy.[4]
The final power to come under the command of a yathrinshee was a dreadful keen that could potentially kill a large number of creatures within 30 ft (9.1 m) of her. This ability manifested in a similar manner as a wail of the banshee spell.[4]
As yathrinshee focused on the undeath aspect of Kiaransalee's portfolio, they were masters of necromancy magic. To this end, they could combine their divine and arcane potential when casting necromantic spells, putting them on a par with even dedicated necromancers despite their diversification.[2]
Many yathrinshee could sing a lamenting song taught only to their order. This caused any who faced the undead under the command of the yathrinshee to be unnerved by images of their dead relatives. This was particularly effective if the corpse had some connection to them in life.[2]
Zone of Desecration
One of the greater powers a yathrinshee eventually wielded was a continuous aura of negative energy that hampered positive energy and simultaneously bolstered undead. Extending up to 20 ft (6.1 m), this aura operated in a similar manner to a desecrate spell.[4]


As part of their initiation into the ranks of the yathrinshee, each member must become perform numerous sex acts with some form of undead.[3]


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