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Yeenoghu was the demon prince and lord of savagery, and the chief being worshiped by gnolls.


Yeenoghu was the patron of all gnolls and commanded the servitude of ghouls through the subjugation of the demonic King of Ghouls, Doresain, a former ally of Orcus, who failed to strike back at Yeenoghu for the acquisition of one of his subjects. Yeenoghu had a continuous feud with Baphomet, and both demons pulled no punches when dealing with one another. The fight lasted so long that neither demon lord could remember what originally started the battle. Along with Baphomet, Yeenoghu loathes Malcanthet, the queen of the succubus, because the Queen destroyed of a number of Yeenoghu's material plane cultists, the Maure Family.[citation needed]


The tanar'ri lord's only known worshipers were gnolls and flinds.[1] Clerics of Yeenoghu had access to the domains of Chaos, Demonic, Evil, and Strength.[citation needed]


Yennoghu wielded a three headed flail +3 in battle.[1]


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