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Yemere was a steel dragon who lived in the disguise of a young windsoul genasi in Akanûl. He was a participant in the draconic game of Xorvintaal and was allied with the gray dragon Vairshekellabex. Yemere travelled with Aoth Fezim's expedition into the Akanapeaks to kill Vairshekellabex. He charmed a young stormsoul genasi named Son-liin and forced her to take actions to harm the expedition.[1]

One night, Gaedynn Ulraes remained awake all night and followed Son-liin to her rendezvous with Yemere where he attacked the dragon. Yemere nearly defeated Gaedynn but Aoth heard the fighting and brought his genasi allies and together they killed Yemere.[1]


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