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Yenandra the Pirate Queen was a Queen of Dambrath from the latter 13th century to the mid 14th century DR.[2]


Yenandra was the daughter of Queen Ausitil. She had four daughters: Luatharyn, Meltruil, Hasafir and Catharyn the eldest.[2]


Yenandra enjoyed sailing and piracy, traveling and raiding so far as Zakhara. She was a popular ruler as Dambrath enjoyed increased prosperity under her reign.[2]

Queen Yenandra ruled Dambrath for 81 years[3] and just began to show signs of age in her last decade.[2] Sometime during this period, she contracted a disease or finally succumbed to one that confounded the clerics, and when it became clear that her days were numbered she voluntarily underwent the process of becoming a spectral guardian. Her daughter Hasafir performed the ritual along with several other drow sorcerers and then Hasafir assumed the throne in 1356 DR.[3]

Yenandra's favorite horse was also transformed into a nightmare and thereafter the people of Dambrath would see her at night, riding silently through the land, her eyes giving off an eerie red glow.[5]



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