Yench'eng Tzu Yu was a wu jen member of the Many-Hued Peacock Society in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Yench'eng Tzu Yu may have an ulterior motive behind his affiliation with the Many-Hued Peacock.[1]

After the party for the birth of Goshukara Sadamoto's third son, Lui-hsia Chih sent Nan-kuo and Yench'eng Tzu Yu to read the aura of Yin-kung T'o.[2]


Yench'eng Tzu Yu appeared to be a frail man but had a true unholy vigor. He behaved in all things like a man possessed and driven to some secret end. He was a fatalistic individual, believing that all the fantastic risks and seemingly foolish gambles that he did were decided by destiny.[1]



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