Ygorl was the slaad Lord of Entropy.[1] He was the second-oldest slaad lord, after Ssendam, and was considered the de facto ruler of the Outer Plane of Limbo. He was said to have created the Spawning Stone that was the focus of the slaad race, forcing them to take frog-like forms rather than their original, purely chaotic shapes.[citation needed]


Ygorl appeared as a blackened, bat-winged, skeletal hulk, wielding a large sickle made from adamantine.[1]

He rode a great brass wyrm named Shkiv. As one of the exemplars of the chaotic neutral alignment, Ygorl was not truly evil, but still very dangerous, unpredictable, and self-serving. He believed in bringing death, decay, and disorganization to the multiverse, and thought this was best done by the slaadi, the truest agents of Chaos.[citation needed]

He carried a 8' sickle with the slaad word for "death" inscribed on it and he could murder opponents instantly with it.


Ygorl considered the slaadi to be his living pawns. They did not serve him in any organized fashion, but most would obey his orders rather than allow him to devour them. Besides Shkiv, Ygorl was allied with Sorel, his lieutenant, who he was grooming to become the Lord of Anarchy.[citation needed]

Ygorl ignored Ssendam and feared Rennbuu. He enjoyed the company of Chourst, at least at times.[citation needed]

Ygorl banished Wartle to the plane of Celestia.[2]


Ygorl's fortress in Limbo constantly changed appearance; it could be a rough cavern, a shattered marbled temple,[citation needed] or a series of interlaced carved spheres that whirled through Limbo's layers.[3]




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