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Yin-kung T'o was the cell leader of the Royal Vagabonds in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[2]


At the celebration of the birth of Goshukara Sadamoto's third son, the Gorath disguised himself as Yin-king T'o to impress Lui-hsia Chih. After the party, Lui sent Nan-Kuo and Yench'eng Tzu Yu to read the aura of the real Yin-kung T'o, finding nothing strange. That night, Yin-kung and the Gorath led an attack on the Many-Hued Peacock Society's headquarters in Nakamaru.[3]


Yin-kung T'o posed as a foreign merchant in the city, having all the mannerisms of a man not able to live outside of his country, always wearing Shou dress and speaking with a strong accent, but this was only a cover for his true work as a Royal Vagabond.[1]

He led the ten-member cell in Nakamaru but received direct orders from the Gorath.[2]


Yin-kung T'o prided himself on how he had resisted the "barbaric" ways of Wa.[1]



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