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Ylveraasahlisar, also known as the Rose Dragon, was an infamous red dragon that ruled Calimshan for more than a century.[2][3]


Ylveraasahlisar was a great wyrm that laired somewhere in or near Calimshan in past ages. In -1838 DR, a group of Calishite adventurers crept into her lair to steal some of her treasure hoard, killing one of her brood in the process. After this incident, an enraged Ylveraasahlisar attacked Calimport, destroying two-thirds of the city including the Caleph's Court and the Raor Bakkal, along with most of Calimshan's army. After the bloodbath she seized the throne and her first edict was to reconstruct all she had destroyed. In a hurry to comply, her terrified subjects merely leveled the rubble enough to support new construction and began anew, thus creating much of the Muzad.

Ylveraasahlisar ruled until -1726 DR when Rafak el Cajaan organized her demise. He gathered a group of dragonslayers, including a bronze dragon named Cadasalmpar, that attacked the Rose Dragon by surprise in her court. After a fierce battle, she escaped from Calimport gravely wounded. Cadasalmpar tracked her down and administered the killing bite.[2]



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