Yolaun Olaundran was a member of the Olaundran merchant family in Delzimmer circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[1][2]


Like most of the Olaundrans, Yolaun had grown soft and fat living the good life. As a general rule, he wore fine clothing made from a true gold-colored (never yellow) cloth called shimmerweave, trimmed in white or cream. When his fancy for fashion peaked, he could be seen wearing anything trendy and expensive.[1][2]


The Olaundrans were ostentatious and demanded respect from the common folk. Yolaun sometimes took this to an extreme, showing his cruel streak. Having tremendous wealth, Olaundrans never haggled over price.[1][2]


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Yolaun and his younger brother Bezrar had largely usurped the job of running the family business from Gauthklaun because he was getting old and frail.[1][2]


Yolaun was the eldest son of Gauthklaun Olaundran, the patriarch of the clan. Yolaun had six children, the oldest being his daughter Rassalice. After her were two brothers, Elvolaer and Sardrin.[1][2]


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