Yondalla's Children was the collective name for the halfling pantheon, which was led by the greater deity Yondalla,[3] known as the Protector and Provider, the Nurturing Matriarch, and the Blessed One.[4]

Base of OperationsEdit

According to the Great Wheel cosmology model, Yondalla's Children resided in Venya, the third layer of the Seven Heavens, which they named the Green Fields.[5] When the World Tree cosmology model became popular, Green Fields became its own plane connected to the World Tree.[6] Green Fields survived the Spellplague to float in the Astral Sea as described by the World Axis cosmology model.[2]


The members of the pantheon were:[1]

  • Yondalla, a greater goddess and the leader of the halfling pantheon. She was additionally a nature goddess.
  • Sheela Peryroyl, an intermediate goddess of agriculture, love, and weather. She temporarily took up leadership of the pantheon between the Spellplague and the Second Sundering.[2]
  • Urogalan, demigod of the earth, death, and the halfling dead.
  • Arvoreen, god of defense, guardians, and vigilance; he was often regarded by others as a war god.
  • Brandobaris, god of thievery, stealth, and curiosity.
  • Cyrrollalee, goddess of friendship, trust, hospitality, and home.

In addition, the traditionally human goddess of luck Tymora has slowly been accepted among the ranks of the Pantheon.[7]



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