Yovir Glandon was the high priest of Kelemvor in Phlan in 1489 DR.


Yovir was a reserved man, speaking as little as possible. He had no interest in the city's politics but hoped for the best for his people.


Yovir served as a priest of Kelemvor and caretaker of Valhingen Graveyard for 40 years. He was also a member of the Order of the Silent Shround.

In 1489 DR, with rumors of dracoliches and ghost ships wandering the Moonsea on the rise, a madman arrived in the city speaking about a ghost ship. This convinced Yovier to hire an adventuring party to investigate the matter.[2]

Some time later a growing increase of undead activities in Valhingen Graveyard inducted him to hire an adventuring party, possibly the same of before, to investigate also this matter, helped by acolyte Cassyt[3]

During the coup instigated by Dragon Cultists, he was nowhere to be found.[4]It was discovered that he died during the coup.[5]

Around 1492 DR somehow, likely with the help of the Dark Powers of Ravenloft, he was risen as vampire and fought against the army that tried to reclaim the city but at last some adventurers destroyed him for good.[6]




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