Yozumian Dudui Yinochek was the high priest of the Protector's House, a Selûnian temple in Memnon.[1]


On the surface Yozumian's clerics helped the poor people of Memnon, but in truth the high members of the church, starting with Yozumian, were corrupt, living in very comfortable room with precious goods and indulging in the company of women.[1]

Yozumian especially enjoyed the company of women, sometimes pretending to perform special rituals on them.[1]

One of his victims was the young mother of young Artemis Entreri who was subservient to Yozumian even before Entreri's birth. In 1368 Entreri remembered that part of his past and returned to Memnon to confront his family and Yozumian.[1]

Yozumian used all his resources to avoid a confrontation with the assassin, but Entreri, aided by Jarlaxle, defeated the Protector's House's defense and confronted Yozumian. He denied mistreating Enteri's mother, murmuring about gods' designs. Entreri rebuffed this claim and killed the man.[1]





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