Ysele the Cat was a businesswoman and wizard in Skullport.[1]


Ysele was a persuasive and manipulative woman. She was secretive, duplicitous, vicious, and utterly without scruples or remorse. Ysele was ready to use any means to get what she wanted: even lying, cheating, stealing, or killing.[2]


Ysele hailed from Tethyr, where her human father taught her magic. In adolescence, she grew bored of her father's caution and convinced him to hire a more talented wizard as her instructor, but soon after, the tutor expelled Ysele for stealing some scrolls. After that, Ysele contacted a lower planes creature and organized her father's assassination. After her father's death, she sold all his holdings to a rival of her father in a prearranged deal and left the country.

In Skullport, she hired some thugs to attack her in order to attract the attention of Aurin and Chantos Graybeard, who offered her a position inside the Hired Horrors business. However, Ysele grew frustrated that she could not manipulate Aurin and Chantos because of their mutual friendship. At last, in 1370 DR, using Ithvar Wordkiller, Ysele succeeded in creating a rift between Aurin and Chantos and began making progress with plan to become the only owner of the Hired Horrors.[2]



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