Ysgarda was a page of Candlemas, the High Steward of Delia, in the Netherese Empire.[1]


The girl had deep blue eyes and short black hair.[1]


Ysgarda acted very flighty and nervous around powerful figures, such as Candlemas.[2]


When working for the High Steward, Ysgarda wore a white and black outfit.[1]


Her father managed the dovecotes in Delia for Lady Polaris.[1]


During the Shadowed Age, the nine-year-old page informed Candlemas that members of the Beneficent Traders' Guild of Dalekeva, also known as Oberon's Hold,[3] wished to speak to him about a growing problem.[1] The traders begged the Netherese to protect them from the orc and human army of the One King who destroyed their neighboring city of Tinnainen.[4]




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