Ysuran Auondril is a moon elf necromancer and one of five starting playable characters in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. He has access to more magical specializations than the other characters and he carries a black tome at all times during the game.

Biography Edit

Backstory Edit

Ysuran lived in the Moon elf city of Evereska. He was a noble there and was related to the ruling family of Evereska. He was exiled from the city for his deeds. Adrianna also came from Evereska but Ysuran lived there about two hundred years before her. Ysuran joined Eldreth Veluuthra and tried to commit genocide against any human. This gave him the motivation to learn Necromancy and he traveled to Zarad's Clock Tower to do so, there he learned Necromancy from Zarad Duskmarrow. However, after Zarad learned Ysuran's intentions against humans, he wiped the Moon elf's memory. This caused Ysuran to wander the Western Heartlands to find his past. Through this he stumbled across his companions that he would travel with to fight Mordoc SeLanmere.

War Against the Vampires Edit


Ysuran fighting the Zhentarim.

As Ysuran learned tidbits of his memory, he grew more increasingly powerful in the necromantic arts. Eventually, Ysuran learned his whole memory after confronting Zarad in the clock tower, located in the Cloak Wood. Zarad, however, fearing that Ysuran would once again commit genocide, attacked Ysuran. By this time, though, Ysuran had become a Shadow Adept and was very skilled in shadow arts. Ysuran fought and killed Zarad.

In an attempt to renounce his old identity, Ysuran joined the Harpers in Baldur's Gate. Ysuran rescued the heroes who had killed Eldrith the Betrayer and then confronted the vampire king, Mordoc SeLanmere, who had held them captive. The heroes joined Ysuran's group and helped him defeat the vampire king. It was not a full victory, though, as the king fled to Baldur's Gate where he arose the Onyx Tower. Ysuran brought down the Betrayer's tower with the help of his seven other companions and together killed Mordoc SeLanmere for good. He is now named a hero in Baldur's Gate.

Abilities Edit

Ysuran has chosen evocation as his school of opposition and thus cannot use some of the traditional spells like fireball and lightning bolt. He is, however, a master of magic pertaining to the creation, dictation and destruction of life force. Some of his more potent spells focus on draining his opponents and augmenting himself, or channeling dark energy that can inflict death to any enemy, and he can also summon undead creatures to assist him in combat. This is particularly useful since in terms of physical combat ability Ysuran is weakest of the playable characters, and a summoned creature can take the punishment in battle while he casts spells from a safer position. That said, Ysuran can handle himself better in a melee than many a spell-caster.

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