Ythazz Buvaar was a Red Wizard of Thay who was one of the founders of modern Thay, and a demilich by 1368 DR.[1]


Ythazz was one of the members of the original group of Red Wizards when Thay was still a province of the empire of Mulhorand. In 922 DR, he led his fellows in revolt. They sacked and destroyed Delhumide, the provincial capital.[2][3] At the Battle of Thazalhar, a conjurer named Jorgmacdon summoned the demon lord Eltab to the Red Wizards' aid, and the Mulhorandi army was routed.[2]

After driving out the Mulhorandi, Ythazz and the other wizards formed the basis of modern Thay, establishing the zulkirs, one from each school of magic, as the supreme authorities of the land. Among that original group, Ythazz was considered the leader and many called him the First Zulkir[2][4]

In time, however, Ythazz grew bored of political business, and preferred to spend his time in magical research. He transformed himself into a lich and settled deep within the catacombs under Bezantur. In time, he evolved to demilich status, totally concerned with his research but not completely forgetting the land he had helped to create. In truth, he schemed to return and unleash terrible vengeance upon those Thayans who did not honor his memory.[1]

In 1368 DR, he sought out a mortal body to inhabit and sent his various minions—vampires, wights, ghosts, and lesser forms of undead—to search for a suitable victim. All the initial candidates were failures, dying before Ythazz could inhabit their mortal bodies.[1]



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