Yuchimo Ein was a monk of Bishamon at the Shining Temple of Bishamon in the town of Aru in Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


He was a high-ranking monk of Bishamon, based permanently at the Shining Temple. His duties included supervising acolytes, instructing others in spiritual matters, and the organizing special services for visiting dignitaries and important pilgrims.[1]

However, he had two hidden vices. For one, he was a ceaseless gossip; he would usually exaggerating truthful matters to make them seem more interesting. For the second, he was a compulsive gambler, ready to bet on anything, including local cricket races and how many visitors wore kimonos of a certain pattern. He wasn't even any good, so he had to borrow money from seedy lenders.[1]


Ein was amiable, pleasant-natured, and good at heart, and also very chatty. He truly loved his work at the temple, and found his gossiping and gambling habits intensely shameful. He was afraid he would be found out and forced to resign; he would do anything to stop this happening.[1]


Around 1357 DR, Ein pawned an important sword—given by the Spirit of the Sun to Matasuuri Shogoro and later given to the Shining Temple by Shogun Matasuuri Nagahide—in a dodgy pawn shop to pay off a gambling debt. He replaced the sword with a forgery while he tried to scrape together enough coin to buy it back. When agents of Nagahide sought to retrieve the sword, and found it no longer glowed as described, and had to investigate.[1]


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