Yui Min Li was the Minister of Faith of Shou Lung in 1358 DR.[1]


Yui Min Li was originally a sohei of the Dragon Order but also an Imperial Guard. After being promoted to minister, she faced a very hard task: her duty was to decide which among the thousands of different branches of the Path of Enlightenment could be sanctioned by the Imperial government, and be considered among the approximately 200 approved sects of the Path's Shou-ling Tao, or Receivers of Guidance. She also had to avoid battle between Shou-ling Tao sects, both between sanctioned sects and against non-sanctioned sects. Yui Min Li had a delicate truce with the Path's High Priest, Kung Pu Mok, whom she knew had ties to the Black Chun Tao. She secretly had an ally in the Minister of Magic.[1]



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