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Yurtrus is the epitome of the precepts of destroying all life, but also the constant terror that the killer is all the costs. Where Shargaas symbolizes the fear of what lurks in the bowels of the earth, Yurtrus embodies the constant threat of death and plagues with which the orcs live every day. The Lord of the Maggots does not speak or communicate, but sometimes it is receptive to the prayers and sacrifices to save an individual or a tribe from the ravages of disease. It depicts him as an orc whose body, except his hands, are covered with sores.[2]


Apart from some monastic orders, the church is not organized Yurtrus and its clergy is dispersed among numerous tribes and clans. The priests are rarely Putrescent tribal leaders, but the terror inspired by their god gives them greater independence. Clergy are intermediaries between the tribe and Yurtrus, and they occur when the community is the victim of a disease or an epidemic. In addition, priests Yurtrus have the body of the dead, they have succumbed to the disease, in battle or old age (which is very rare). The Church of Yurtrus is also responsible for overseeing the food stocks of the tribe, determining when the meat is rotten or too much water too polluted to be swallowed. Thus, some tribes have begun to worship the Lord of the Towards Divinity as food and health to appease.
The priests and followers of Yurtrus pray at dusk for their spells.[2]

Holy DaysEdit

The Church recognizes two major holy days. The first known ceremony of Contagion, is celebrated during the long night (summer solstice). The contagion of god then arose, causing the world to life in an endless spiral that leads inexorably to the winter and at the end of the year. After a series of bloody sacrifices to protect the orcs from the ravages of disease, the priests of Yurtrus go on an adventure, spreading disease and death worldwide, especially among other races. The second holy day, known as Death putrescent, is celebrated on the evening of fatal Winter (Winter Solstice). During that night, the clergy Yurtrus welcomes the death of the world, symbolized by the sacrifice of intelligent creatures from other races. The sacrifices are generally offered to the Lord Putrescent by inoculating a particularly horrible disease victims. Many clerics are also assassins, divine disciples or monks.[2])

History and RelationshipsEdit

By its very nature, Yurtrus entreats little relationship with anyone. It offers support Shargaas silent when it tries to counteract the influence of the three gods of war orcs. The Putrescent certainly maintains links with other gods of death and disease, such as heels, but perhaps it is more a rivalry than a real alliance. Like the rest of the orc pantheon, Yurtrus hate dwarves, elves and goblins, and he opposed them when the opportunity arises.[2]


Death is inevitable and always ends up taking the life. The ravages of an epidemic are nothing else than taking the death of victims who have not fallen in battle, allowing them more or less choose their end. We can not avoid contact with white hands in bowing before the Lord Putrescent and pleading for clemency. However, the disease can attack all living creatures. Fear him, for death is lurking in the shadows of the cave Luthic and it certainly strikes again.[3]


Yurtrus' is the orc deity of death and disease. He lives in a disgusting realm called Fleshslough on the Gray Waste.

In the 1st edition Manual of the Planes it is stated:

"Yurtrus's realm on the layer of Oinos is dreary and depressing even by Hades's standards. All plants die before reaching its borders. Only Yurtrus and his equally silent orc spirits live within; even the daemons tread carefully through this terrain."

In On Hallowed Ground it is stated:

"Almost nothing is known of Yurtrus or his realm, which is commonly called Fleshslough. That's because anyone who enters the realm never leaves, not even avatars sent by other powers. The entrance to the place is two great black-iron doors set into a forbidding hillside in Oinos; the stench of death wafts out every time the doors swing open."


Yurtrus' priests wear animal skins painted white. His sacred "animal" is the skeleton. His holy days are on the new moon, and he is worshipped in underground crypts. Appropriate sacrifices are made to him monthly.


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