Z'har thalack, meaning "riding war", was a fighting style taught among drow for those who fought on mounts.[1]


As the name "riding war" suggested, users fought while riding, and the style addressed the benefits and drawbacks of this as for any mounted warrior. What made this style unique was that it was a three-dimensional style—drow primarily used riding lizards as combat mounts, which had the ability to walk on walls. This gave lizard-mounted warriors added advantages against foot-soldiers.[1]


The style was developed for mounted patrols. As the name "riding war" suggested, users needed to learn how to fight while mounted, enhancing that knowledge with various mounted tactics.[1]


House Baenre had lizard riders that were organized under Berg'inyon Baenre, who made good use of his death lance with this style.[1]



The style was based on the Mounted Combat feat chain in 3.0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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