Z'ress athalak, meaning "force of war", was a fighting style taught among drow. It was unusual for drow as it revolved around the users' physical strength.[1]


As the name "force of war" suggested, force was paramount for this style. Users made use of heavier weapons such as longswords, hammers, and axes, instead of the lighter ones favored by most drow and were ready to sacrifice accuracy for additional strength behind their attacks, enough to cleave through one enemy and into the next and to destroy their weapons.[1]

Users of this style often cooperated with users of the bautha z'hin style for the latter could easily use the former as a good anchor point for flanking maneuvers.[1]


As the name suggested, would-be users needed physical strength, something most drow lacked, which made this style a rarity.[1]

Users of the z'ress athalak style were noted to fight in similar ways as the users of the phindar streeaka "style". While both were similar in putting emphasis on strength, the former the result of purposeful training, whereas the latter simply applied mindless brute force.[1]


As mentioned, the style needed a degree of physical strength, which the drow generally lacked, and thus it was rare. Uthegental Del'Armgo was a skilled user of this style. The style was popular among the rare followers of Selvetarm.[1] Selvetarm created the Sword of Selvetarm as a longsword to suit such styles instead as his actual favored weapon, the heavy mace.[2]



This style is based on the Power Attack, Cleave, and Sunder feats of 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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