Za-Jikku was a powerful wu jen of Fochu Peninsula in Wa.[1]


Originally Za-Jikku was a pan lung member of the Celestial Bureaucracy. He was one of the officers of the Qui sub-committee that governed the affairs of the animal population of the Fochu Peninsula under orders of the Ministry of Animal Affairs of the Celestial Bureaucracy oversewing about the scaly animals of the land.

However Za-Jikku was always a wild card with a enorme ego: one time he tricked the inhabitants of the Jufosu Range to venerate him as god, an other time a duel of Za-Jikku caused a series of earthquakes.

In the end around 886 DR following an indiscretion that results in the destruction of a vast area of the Momoben Forest[2] the high echelon of the Bureaucracy decided to act: Za-Jikku was strip of his duty and expel from Qui, punished to live as human in Fochu Peninsula while his former dragon body transformed in a jade statue.

Za-Jikku installed himself in a fortes surrounded by legions of juju zombie dressed in gold but his obsession was become again immortal. In time thank to his discoveries Za-Jikku continued to live but was still far to immortality.

All change when in 1358 DR he discovered that the wu jen Setsu Iki had in custody the fabled Book of Hsi, that explained as attain immortality. Quickly Za-Jikku sent his zombie servants to kidnap Setsu Iki and took the book. He discovered however that in his condition was too old to attain immortality using correct means. Thank to the Tso Tao section of the book he devised a plan however: he will spread magic butterflies created from death humans that would eventually transform the world's t'ien ch'i in yun ch'i making him immortal but as side effect killing all people breathing t'ien ch'i (in simple most of humanity).

He hid Sestu Iki and the book in Qui in two different places and started a killing spree in order to have bodies from which grown the butterflies.[3]

However one of the dead was the wu jen Toshi that somehow deduced the goal of Za-Jikku and instructed his former husband Osari Minhiro to stop him.[4]

Osari Minhiro hired a foreign adventuring party and together they freed Setsu Iki and reclaimed the book.[5]

At last together the heroes ruined the Za-Jikku's plot[6] and defeated him.[1]



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