Zalantar, also called blackwood[1] or darkwood,[2] was a subtropical tree that was usually found in southern Faerûn.[3]


Zalantars grew oddly in the sense that one plant was composed of several tree trunks that stemmed from a central root system. Their leaves were usually white or another light color.[3]

The pure black wood from a zalantar tree was called darkwood, or blackwood in the North. The wood was as hard as normal wood but half as heavy.[2][4]


Items made from zalantar weighed half as much as normal wooden items of the same type. Darkwood weapons and shields were thus very light and made to high quality but also more costly.[4] Darkwood was extensively in the South in buildings, wagons, and wheels, and almost exclusively for rods, staffs, and wands.[3]

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Zalantar wood was sacred to Eshowdow, the Shadow Giant from Chult.[5]



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