Zalarth Bloodbrow was a Zhentarim wizard and a trusted agent of Manshoon.


In 1358 DR, after Elminster Aumar had foiled a Zhentarim plot to conquer High Dale, Manshoon decided to send the young Avaerl to track and kill the Old Mage. In truth, the High Lord of the Zhentarim was skeptical of Avaerl's chances and sent also Zalarth Bloodbrow to follow Avaerl and intervene if needed. Zalarth gathered a team of Zhents and started the mission.

Avaerl found Elminster and Sharantyr at Spellgard, always with Zalarth and his team following.

He managed to survive a meeting with Lady Saharel and spied upon the duel between the Old Mage and Avaerl, waiting for the right occasion but at last was killed by the timely arrival of the Harpers Itharr and Belkram.[1]




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