Zalathorm Kirkson was the Netyarch (wizard-king) of the nation of Halruaa.[3]


As of 1367 DR, Zalathorm served as the leader of Halruaa and head of the Council of Elders. Zalathorm's tower in Halarahh served as the seat of his rulership. When meeting with the Council, he would use a magical crystal orb that allowed him to contact all 400 Elders of the Council if needed.[4]


Among Zalathorm's vast collection of magical items was a special carriage that radiated a globe of invulnerability upon command. This wondrous carriage was a true rarity in the arcane world since a globe of invulnerability was stationary when cast. Zalathorm never parted with the secret by which he was able to accomplish the magical feat of a mobile globe of invulnerability.[5]



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