Zallanora Argentresses was a young elf and only 105 years old, when she met the demilich, known as Shoon VII. She appeared to be still a young, short elf woman with bobbed silver and curly hair. Her coppery skin and hazel eyes showed her sylvan-elf heritage. When she got angry, her eyes darkened to mahogany.[1]


Zallanora appeared as a female elf wizard. But in truth she was a neutral-evil male human necromancer. He could tap the full magical potential that he built up over time, despite the limitations that normally bound elven wizards, and he still gained all the innate physical abilities of elves.[2]

Shoon’s Zallanora facade was that of a a light-hearted elf with a dry sense of humor, a fabulous knowledge of ancient history, and a talent for magic. But behind this mask was the most ruthless, evil dictator-mage who ever stalked the Realms. If he revealed more knowledge or power than his facade as a 3rd-level wizard should have, Shoon would slay all observers and eradicate evidence that might implicate him.[2]


Twelve years before she met her cruel fate, Zallanora Argentresses had completed an extended apprenticeship at the Mystics’ Academy in Erlkazar. She wanted to expand her knowledge of magic and therefore traveled north toward Silverymoon. She never made it that far. When she and her companions tried to cross the Cloud Peaks on the day the Gods Fell right at the beginning of the Time of Troubles they were attacked by Shond Tharovin and his agents. Shond unleashed the skull of the Tome of the Unicorn upon them. When the demilich tried to drain the soul of the young elf, the magical anarchy of the times altered the magic in a strange way. The mind and spirits of both, the elf and the lich Shoon, switched their bodies. The real Zallanora became trapped in the form of the demilich within the Tome of the Unicorn while the cruel necromancer possessed the body of the young elven wizard.[2]

Shoon begun to weave his webs of power and influence anew. He wanted to reclaim his throne and empire. But he was careful to do so. In the body of a young elf he had centuries of time in which to act, and his knowledge of lichdom afforded centuries more, if need be. Some time after his “rebirth” Shoon joined the ranks of the Cowled Wizards to learn of magic. He used his new body to attract attention and tutors. He planned to influence them, stealing their knowledge of magic and tried to make the Cowled Wizards into a tool to rebuild his empire.[2]

The Qysar was aware of the existence and goals of the Shadow Thieves and the Twisted Rune. While he allowed the Shadow Thieves to continue, the Rune’s plans for conquest interfered with his own. Should Shoon track down a ruling member of these liches, he planned to offer them the choice to join him and rule the Rune together or be simply destroyed. He also learned all that Uruathis, a lamia noble and agent of Kartak Spellseer among the ruins of Shoonach, knew of the Rune, and he planned to capture one of the many vampires of Shoonach to find out their secrets as well.[2]

Shoon kept a number of lairs, one of the more known were the quarters of Zallonara in the Eshpurtan estate of Lady Varytha Gheldieg, whom Zallanora served as an apprentice. He had ways to reach secret chambers beneath the ruined Imperial Palace at Shoonach, where he retrieved an amulet of proof against detection and location, a elven cloak, elven boots and a ring of mind shielding from among the many treasures left there. Shoon also had lairs among all the mountain ranges and forests in the entire Lands of Intrigue.[2]

Lady Varytha saw the young elf as a way to gain knowledge, influence and power for her own within the ranks of the Cowled Wizards. Therefore she stressed to Zallanora the importance of using her looks and charm to woo fellow members. The qysar was amused by these minor intrigues. Meanwhile he built his influence among more than a dozen Cowled Wizards in Eshpurta, Keczulla and Esmeltaran. When the time was right, he planned to use the fortunes of his mentor to fund a mercenary army or buy more influence elsewhere. With the Cowled Wizards as his magical enforcers and shock troops, he hoped that the Shoon Imperium would rise again.[2]



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