Zaltec was the chaotic evil god of war in Maztica. He was also known as Bringer of War and the Eater of Hearts. The latter title says what he demanded of his followers.[2]


The cult of Zaltec was brought to extremes by the Nexalan people. He was their patron deity and they thanked him consequently for their victorious conquests of Maztica. His priests had to give him human sacrifices in high quantities. The highest sacrifice was a fresh heart presented on an altar of a holy pyramid. But he also loved those sacrifices who were given to him during a battle. His worshipers believed that he favored them if they made war in his name. Ironically the Nexalan used the so called "feathered wars" (named after the peaceful brother of Zaltec, the god Qotal) and waged them in Zaltec's name to procure sufficient sacrifices during times of peace.[2]

The priests of Zaltec were clothed in black, soiled robes and used the blood of their victims as coloration for their hair. They also arranged the hair into spikes sprouting out into all directions. The priests had minor access to the spheres of hishna, sun, combat and charm but major access to influence. Reaching the 9th level they could freely chose two additional spheres out of the four others to gain major access over them.[2]

Orders Edit

Ancient Ones 
Little is known about the Ancient Ones. The Nexal believed them to have been supernatural beings of great power but they were actually Drow who were separated from the rest of the Underdark during the time of the Rockfire. The Ancients lived in the Highcave at the summit of Zaltec's sacred volcano, Mount Zatal. Their duties included feeding Zaltec's Darkfyre and advising the high priest of Nexal.[1]
Eagle Knights 
Although Eagle Knights could serve any god of the Maztican pantheon, many chose to serve Zaltec. Some Eagle Knights had the ability to shapechange into Eagles. Eagle Knights wore feather armor created from eagle feathers.[1]
Jaguar Knights 
The Jaguar Knights were warriors loyal to Zaltec. They practiced Hishna magic and some were able to shapechange into jaguars. The knights wore jaguar skins enchanted through Hishna.[1]
The cult of the Viperhand were fanatics in service to the Ancient Ones. Warriors entering the cult had the head of a viper branded on their chests.[3]



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