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Zanda Tholing, or the Place of Kings, was an important ritual site for the royalty of Khazari.[1]


Located far outside the borders of Khazari, Zanda Tholing was an important pilgrimage site for the royal family, and was treated as a site of supreme holiness, dedicated to the Enlightened One.[1]

At the center of the site was the exposure ground, where the body was left to decay. When a king or prince died, their body was brought here to be exposed to the elements until the flesh was gone. The bones were then returned to Khazari for burial, a tradition that had gone on for centuries. No one except priests of the Zanda were allowed in this area.[1]

The site was littered with markers commemorating deceased rulers. Centuries of the tradition caused the area to become a "forest of steel", due to the number of markers jutting out from the landscape.[1]

It was said that the greatest of leaders had their bodies consumed in a flash of blue fire, leaving only their untouched bones behind. This was treated as a sign of that person's greatness.[1]


No more than ten priests of the Zanda lived in a small monastery at the edge of the site. They were responsible for the various purification rites, chanting ceremonies, and fetching the bones once they were ready.[1]



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