Zar-Dandan, who was also called the Wanderer or Gold-Teeth, was a half-elven traveler in the Hordelands in 1367 DR.[1]


Zar-Dandan earned his nickname of Gold-Teeth for the many gold-capped teeth lining his mouth.[1]


Though roguish, Zar-Dandan was charming and likable. He enjoyed sharing entertaining stories with fellow travelers, so long as they had nothing to do with his past, of which he was quite secretive.[1]


Zar-Dandan owned a ring of jumping, a potion of fire resistance, and a magical sword and shield.[1]


Zar-Dandan's father was killed by a man named Rukn, whom he searched relentlessly for across the breadth of the Hordelands with the hopes of slitting his throat in his sleep.[1]



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