Zardazik was a soft metal used to create alloyed weapons that were undetectable and could be easily hidden inside a person.[1]


In its raw state, zardazik was an amber to red color, similar to raw iron in some respects. It was also rather soft for a metal.[1]


This metal was scarce and in the mid–14th century DR, it was found only in mountains and mines around the Lake of Steam and in sandy fissures in the heart of the Raurin desert.[1]


Any item partially or wholly composed of zardazik became intangible to the first being whose blood it spilled, similar to the ironguard spell. When done deliberately, it allowed a person to carry it without detection, usually on a non-metal necklace. Ardrethra Laurindar, a professional slayer, as well as at least three Waterdhavian noble ladies were said to have used it in this manner.[1]


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