Zarifar was a drow wizard from Sshamath.[1]


Zarifar was a very talented geometer wizard, with his mind always full of geometric designs. However, in normal life he was totally naive.


In 1377 DR, Q'arlynd Melarn invited him to his new College of Ancient Arcana and he accepted.[1]

In 1379 DR Zarifar, like all his fellows, was one of the masters of the new school, despite the worries of Q'arlynd about his skills as teacher.[2]

Later together with his fellow and the Masters Urlryn Khalazza, Seldszar Elpragh and Masoj Dhuunyl he helped Q'Arlynd when he engineered (with the aid of Eilistraee) the ritual that transformed all drow not tainted by Wendonai's blood into brown-skinned dark elves. After they all relocated to Rhymanthiin.[3]





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