Zarifrax was a lich in the Neverdeath Graveyard of Neverwinter.[1]


Zarifrax was a very powerful lich but at one time his mortal body was destroyed and only his phylactery remained. Trapped in this state for a long time he became bored and tired of the eternal fighting between good and evil. He desired only to find a place to remain in peace for some centuries.

In 1480 DR, he was disturbed by the Doomguides' activities in the Neverdeath Graveyard. Zarifrax possessed an undead creature in order to find his perfect resting place but an adventurer destroyed the undead being. Zarifrax manifested himself but instead of fighting he asked the adventurer to help him. The adventurer ultimately agreed but all places in the cemetery were in danger from the Doomguides, adventurers, or Thayan necromancers. Finally, Zarifrax sorrowfully agreed to be consigned to the Doomguides for destruction. However, Doomguide Volahk said Zarifrax was too powerful an undead creature to destroy, but they had constructed an impenetrable vault in a secure location that could safely hold such evils for centuries. Zarifrax laughed to hear his fate.


Zarifrax was a humorous character, expressing sarcastic comments about many gods and powerful people.[1]



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